Sustainable Environment

Throughout our history, Davey has been synonymous with environmental awareness and stewardship. We comply with all federal, state and local environmental regulations, and our policies are based on responsible, science-based actions. We hold ourselves accountable to managing and mitigating our impacts on the environment, and help our clients do the same. This section contains our management approach and annual performance for the following material environmental, social and governance (ESG) topics below.

Energy & Emissions

For nearly 140 years, we have emphasized the natural capital of trees, plant life and animal habitats created for our homes and communities. As we begin to see evidence of a changing climate in our work and research, we have the capability and responsibility to adapt to a changing climate and create positive impacts through our environmental services. Further, we remain committed to reducing our carbon emissions and fossil fuel use.

Water Management

Access to a clean and plentiful water supply continues to be a growing challenge for many of the communities in which we operate. At Davey, we are committed to continuing our legacy of environmental stewardship through responsible water use. In addition, we are increasingly collaborating with our valued stakeholders to deliver solutions for their water management needs. As an essential element for plant health care, our commitment to water stewardship is critical for the continued success of our business.

Waste & Recycling

As a provider of scientifically based horticultural and environmental services, Davey generates a significant amount of wood waste, producing more than one million tonnes of wood waste each year. Wood waste accounts for nearly 100 percent of Davey’s total waste. As responsible stewards of our natural environment, we are committed to decreasing our waste footprint.