Safe Business Practices

Safety is at the forefront of everything we do. We foster a culture of safe business practices through our actions and commitment to high standards. We reinforce our safety message every day to our employees, clients and the general public, and ensure they understand the value we place on all people. Further, we take proactive and preventive measures to mitigate safety risks before they arise and maintain our brand integrity. This section contains our management approach and annual performance for the following material environmental, social and governance (ESG) topics below.

Workplace Health & Safety

At Davey, our success lies in the safety of our employees, our clients and overall public welfare. A culture of safety and accident prevention permeate every action, ensuring our employees return home safe every night. Our best-practice standards and policies in safety and incident prevention drive value for our brand—enhancing customer relationships and attracting top talent.

Fire Prevention

Davey operates in regions across the United States and Canada, including areas with a risk of fire on and around our job sites. Mitigating these risks is essential to our employees, our clients and our business, and Davey integrates fire prevention practices throughout our daily operations.