Innovative Thinking

Environmental Services

For over 140 years, Davey has pioneered excellence in arboriculture, horticulture and other environmental services. Today, we remain committed to environmental stewardship and education, helping our clients quantify, enhance, manage and protect their natural assets. Our solutions promote balance among people, progress and the environment, fostering positive impacts across North America and creating shared value for all.

Management Approach

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Davey’s proven solutions positively impact the natural environment, creating flourishing ecosystems across North America. We understand our clients’ complex landscapes, and our employees deliver superior vegetation, water and resource management as they plan, install and manage more climate-friendly landscapes. Additionally, employees educate customers on the latest plant and tree science. We advance the green industry by conducting studies and innovating solutions to our client’s challenges.

The Davey Resource Group (DRG) provides cutting-edge environmental services that bring Davey’s environmental research to the marketplace. From urban forestry and geospatial planning to wetland restoration, DRG’s variety of services enable Davey scientists to customize solutions for each of our clients.

For example, we support multi-year projects with the Michigan and Ohio Departments of Transportation to create thriving landscapes along interstate highways. These projects are not merely aesthetic; they support biodiversity, including critical pollinator habitats, and provide pollution and sound barriers between interstate traffic and nearby residential neighborhoods. The Residential and Commercial service line also provides these services to their clients.

Davey works to quantify the environmental and social benefits of our environmental services for our clients and society and will continue to report on these values annually.

Habitat Restoration

Trees Radiate Positivity

Walking in a tree-filled space has been found to enhance mood and improve self-esteem.

Journal of Environmental Psychology