Innovative Thinking

At Davey, we are an industry leader through research, product development and service innovation. As an environmental services company, we are uniquely situated to deliver solutions for many of society’s critical challenges—climate change, social inequality and economic development. By applying the latest research and techniques to our proven solutions for a growing world, we continue to deliver outstanding service to our clients and society. This section contains our management approach and annual performance for the following material environmental, social and economic topics below.

Environmental Services

For nearly 140 years, Davey has pioneered excellence in arboriculture, horticulture and other environmental services. Today, we remain committed to environmental stewardship and education, helping our clients quantify, enhance, manage and protect their natural assets. Our solutions promote balance among people, progress and the environment, fostering positive impacts across North America and creating shared value for all.


Davey contributes to solving some of the world’s biggest environmental challenges. Innovation is vitally important as we tackle new and evolving issues each day. Our commitment to innovation is mutually beneficial for our company and our clients, turning environmental research and innovation into cost savings and revenue generation. We promote innovative thinking across our operations, encouraging employees to submit innovative ideas at any time and providing tools to turn those ideas into reality.