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Employee Education & Development

Davey employees embody the excellent service we provide to our residential, utility, commercial and government clients. We engage our employees by making it possible to grow alongside the company, providing ongoing opportunities for career advancement and personal development. Davey provides a wide array of educational and developmental programs company-wide, through corporate, local and distance learning opportunities.

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To sustain our growth, it is imperative that we invest in our employees’ personal and professional development. For nearly 140 years, employee education has been foundational to our success, equipping each employee with the tools he or she needs to deliver the best possible care to our clients. Through our Learning Management System (LMS), employees can access our extensive education and development programs from the touch of a button. Additionally, employees have access to classroom and in-field training and courses.

Objectives for training and education vary by service lines. In the field, instructor-led trainings may cover topics from proper equipment usage and safe climbing technique to specialized arborist trainings and specific techniques for commercial, utility or residential situations.

In 2021 we continued to innovate our training programs to be constructed from a learner first perspective and delivered in a remote asynchronous environment. To support this effort, we hired three Instructional Designers. We used the learner first concept to refine our in person training.

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In addition to online LMS trainings, Davey offers in-person training at the Davey Institute and regional workshop sessions. The largest onsite training—the Davey Institute of Tree Sciences (D.I.T.S.)—takes place each February in Kent, Ohio. A modern-day take on the original collegiate experiences taught by John Davey, D.I.T.S. is open to employees from all over the U.S. and Canada, and the program still uses a combination of lecture and outdoor experiential learning.

Ongoing partnerships with trade associations provide Davey employees opportunities to continue their education and advance their careers at Davey.

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